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This is my story.

I work in digital marketing.

I’ve been helping businesses with their online strategy for over 8 years.


I really enjoy designing digital solutions for my clients.

While I’ve worked in nearly every field of web marketing, my core competencies lie in search optimization, user experience design, and content marketing.

In March 2013, I founded my own digital consultancy with a business partner called Galis | Hoback. We work with businesses and individuals across many industries, including e-commerce, real estate, education, sports, lifestyle, and more.

Here are some businesses that we’ve worked with:

We’ve had the pleasure of building our roster solely on word of mouth, with plenty of satisfied clients and customers that are more than happy to refer us to new business.

Interested in learning more about Galis/Hoback? Visit our site, or email us directly below.

Before Galis/Hoback, I held several positions in and around the web marketing industry.

Launchpad SEO, 2012-2014

Lead SEO Analyst

At Launchpad, I was the lead digital strategist. During my three years there, I played an integral role in growing our agency from one full-time employee and an unpaid intern, to five full-time employees and several contractors.

I quickly learned how to run a client-facing business that didn’t just sell marketing – it helped its clients succeed.

hint: I was the unpaid intern 🙂

Billing Services Group, 2011-2012


I worked as a dedicated copywriter for Billing Services Group, a B2B billing technology group based in San Antonio. I was hired as part of a new department that built web-based revenue models. My primary responsibilities were to produce user-targeted copy for ads and web pages.

My main project,, was positioned as a 3rd party content streaming service in conjunction with Amazon’s Unbox feature., 2009 – 2011

Copywriter afforded me my initial foray into the SEO world. I researched, developed, and implemented keyword-targeted content for their blog and various landing pages.

If you’d like to talk shop, learn more about my business, or get in touch about a particular opportunity, just shoot an email to address below. I respond real quick.

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