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SEO Retainer Packages

SEO Webmaster – $300/month

  • This covers just the essentials like website maintenance, website updates (uploading new pages and content), index monitoring, reporting and ongoing SEO-focused consulting. It can include content creation and SEO improvements, though it’s minimal at that price point, and only included if the other needs don’t warrant as much time commitment.
  • This is really great for those who just want ongoing website work done, and would benefit from an on-call SEO expert to bounce ideas off, publish content, and keep the website running smoothly.

Essential SEO – $500/month

  • Includes everything in the above package but the extra cost is for dedicated content production as an ongoing component to the website.
  • Could be setting up new pages, landing pages for ad campaigns, creating and publishing blog posts, updating title tags and more tasks related to on page content.
  • This package is the most common one that I sell.
  • Typically, this is coupled with a social media strategy and/or physical mail. This package is ideal for someone looking to develop a presence in their market online and start driving leads/revenue through their website.

Premium SEO – $850/month

  • Includes everything in Essential SEO plus additional content development initiatives. More content is going to drive more traffic so the additional cost accounts for the time required to create more content created per month.
  • The premium package also caters to the need for unique marketing strategies including backlink building, site speed improvements, conversion rate optimization, and more.
  • This package is really ideal for those who want to push organic growth, or those who have an existing web presence and want to compete with more established, bigger sites.

Paid Ads Management – $200+

  • I have experience running paid ads, driving traffic, and generating leads. Baseline paid ad management starts out at $200/month with an ad spend of up to $500/month. Once the ad spend is higher, I charge an additional 10% on their ad spend rounded up to the nearest $500 interval. In this case, an ad spend of 1750/month would be a monthly management fee of $400.

Standalone Work & Projects

Because not everyone needs ongoing work, I also offer a few standalone items that appeal to my clients.

Technical Optimization – $300 one time

  • This is a standalone project that would be good for new sites to give them a healthy baseline of SEO optimization.
  • It can include keyword research for their particular market/niche, technical optimization based on their pages/platform, integration with Google Analytics & Google Search Console for reporting and tracking, resolution of any indexing errors, optimization of title tags/meta tags on their main pages, and more.
  • Basically, everything a site would need to have a great foundation of SEO going forward.

Content writing – $150/page (500 – 1000 words)

  • Great for people who need reliable customer-focused content to be regularly produced.
  • I have a degree in Creative Writing so I can offer standalone, professional writing services.
  • All pieces will also be up to SEO best practices and completely unique.

Site Speed Improvement – $1,200 one time fee

  • Site speed work is a one time fee and paced out over about 8 weeks.
  • I make incremental changes to site components and infrastructure to help clients generate as fast a site as possible.
  • Mostly done with WordPress websites, but other platforms can also benefit

Website Development – $1,500 – $4,000 one time (doesn’t include theme purchase & hosting costs)

  • Build out of custom WordPress-based websites
  • Price point typically falls in the range above, depending on how many pages you want to launch with and what types of features/customization you need.
  • The process typically takes 4 – 8 weeks to roll out
  • Available for folks who don’t yet have a web presence or established websites looking to get migrate to a new platform.

Hourly Work – $75/hour

  • If you just need some quick fixes or tweaks, I’m available for hourly retainers as well.

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