Updating Jupiter Blog Loops with Jupiter Donut

Chris Galis

I’ve been using the Jupiter WordPress theme for a while. I love it because it’s easy to customize page layouts with the WPBakery page builder, it’s fast, and updating theme files and components is super easy.

Recently, I had a client who had quite a a few customizations to their blog loops that got overwritten when I updated to the latest version of Jupiter (v6.4.1) and installed the Jupiter Donut plugin.

For those who don’t know, “blog loops” are a WPBakery widget that shows you a feed of posts in different layout styles like magazine, modern, classic, etc. Here are some examples below:

Jupiter Donut is a new plugin bundled with the Jupiter theme v6.3 and up. Basically, it takes all of the old WPBakery shortcodes from a separate theme library and puts them all in the Jupiter Donut plugin directory. It’s designed to make ie easy for Jupiter Legacy theme users to migrate their site to JupiterX without having to rebuild everything with Elementor. Here’s what Artbees, the theme devs said:

“The Donut plugin will provide you an easy way to migrate your Jupiter website to Jupiter X. You will no longer need to recreate the pages using Elementor if you wish to use Jupiter X. You will only need to set the theme options through the customizer and set the page attributes individually if you have a page that has a different settings than the global settings and that’s all.”

Editing Blog Loops with Jupiter Donut Plugin Installed

So after a theme update, I found that some customizations I had made to a client’s “Magazine” style blog loops had been wiped out, even though we were using child theme.

Essentially, we had created a custom blog loop and included “Read More” buttons on the “Magazine” blog loop. That blog loop doesn’t have those out of the box and once I installed and activated Jupiter Donut, they were gone.

Here’s how I added them back.

Adding “Read More” Button to Magazine Blog Loop in the Jupiter Theme

First, I went into the FTP and looked for the place those blog loops used to be located but was coming up empty. After 10 minutes of digging around, I went to the page where the blog loop was displayed and inspected it. Here’s what I saw:

I found a couple classes including “jupiter-donut” so I decided to go look in that directory for the right files to edit.

There they were: /wp-content/plugins/jupiter-donut/includes/wpbakery/shortcodes/mk_blog/loop-styles/

For this customization, we needed to update the Magazine shortcode, so i opened up magazine.php in a text editor. Just as I thought, my button php code was gone.

So I opened up the modern.php grabbed the bit of php that displays the button:

Copied it, and pasted it at the bottom of the magazine.php file.

Clicked save, and the buttons are back. Happy client!

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